Artist Statement

Even though my specialisation at the university was abstract painting, my heart has always guided me towards representing objects as they are, that is, realistic and figurative painting.
As a professional artist, I have worked for many years in the fields of advertising and publishing, having to adapt my style to meet the preferences of clients. This experience has not only exposed me to a vast world of enriching and creative possibilities but, when applied to painting, my work has evolved through many themes and styles, creating a thread and cohesion through series of artworks.

I paint still life, animal portraits, ballet scenes, but what I enjoy the most is the female figure. I like not only to depict the body shapes or gestures but also capturing its essence. I seek to enhance the beauty of femininity always expressed with delicacy and elegance.
My intention as an artist is to evoke a pleasant sensation in the viewer creating harmonious artworks that suggest memories or hints of their own world. I seek challenges, constantly pushing myself beyond boundaries, evolving and growing professionally and artistically.


Art Surrey


Minuca Sostres participates as Exhibitor at the UPCOMING ART FAIR at Art Surrey Epsom Downs Racecourse.