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SKU:Unframed | 42 x 30 cm

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Thioro is a female name of African origin, meaning "firstborn" or "first daughter". It holds great significance as it highlights the status of being the first daughter in the family. Wrapped in a background of vibrant brushstrokes, it accentuates her exquisite skin tone, while Thioro herself embodies serenity, resilience and determination. This captivating piece not only celebrates familial bonds but also serves as a powerful symbol of strength and beauty. Adding this artwork to your home will not only infuse it with cultural richness but also inspire a sense of pride and admiration for the essence of the family.

Mix media on canvas board: oil, acrylic and charcoal.



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Care Instructions

Handle with care, avoiding direct contact with the surface. Avoid direct sunlight and extreme temperature changes.

Keep away from heat sources and humidity.

Place in a safe location, away from risks of bumps or falls.

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